Forbidden to Whom?

Posted by Awesome David on

Admiration pursues beauty for praise comes after realization. In an ever changing world you're forced to recreate yourself to exemplify beauty. A process which is daunting and tedious, but more so a process traveled alone. Forced to find sunlight amidst the shadows of your life's journey you're forced to endure hardships and grow with no gardener in sight; no one to water you roots, nor tend to the weeds in your garden, no one to asses your damages, nor feed you nutrients to grow. You're tasked with bearing your own fruit... alone. It's not until your fruit grows that you're idolized and admired. The months and years you spent enriching yourself is ignored and you're valued only by what society deems as beautiful. Who is society to blindly value you after the insurmountable trials you've suffered? Individuals who see you as an obsolete object are blinded by lust and foolishness. To obtain the fruits of your labor you only ask for acknowledgment and respect until then your fruit is unobtainable. You kindly ask for others to admire you from a distance for you know your worth, your fruit is forbidden.


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