Love's Enigma

Posted by Awesome David on

To live now is to dwell in commodities for whatever fortune you find is imperative to flaunt. Everything is taken at face value no matter how synthetic it truly may be for that is the world we live in... empty. A treasure chest caught by the eye of an explorer is deemed as a fortune. Unknown to the explorer is the barren waste that lays within the box. The joy that once sprung upon the explorer diminishes as the treasure he once believed was in his grasp had disappeared... empty. To what extent will we continue to lie, deceive, and fool ourselves into believing what we desire is within. What eludes us from being fulfilled? The better question is why do we delude ourselves from being fulfilled? We put on a false identity to mask our past and conceal our feelings. Do you believe that your past hardships hold that much of a grudge over your heart? And if it does it's because you allow it. Why are you scared to love? What makes you so invulnerable to accept love? You are the treasure box... empty. An item with no value is eventually discarded the same way an item's value that is not known to the owner is discarded. Within you is potential, within you is love. Where no one sees value I see promise, promise in you. Make it so that I am not your only believer. Do me a favor and become your own believer for as you venture the world you will find your assurance in the form of another human being. You are not a lost cause nor do you deserve to be discarded; search and find the mystery of love so maybe one day you will be fulfilled. Find love's enigma.


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