Nobility vs Royalty

Posted by Awesome David on

You are one of two peoples; those who were born into a lavish lifestyle with no responsibility nor struggle or the people who were born into what seemed to be an accursed world, a life that consists of endless trials and constant abandonment. Believe it or not, you were born to build or to live in what was already built for you. Your acclaim to success, to fortune, and to fame is given to you in an instant. You are born into destiny. A destiny in which you have no control over but the path you pave and the choices you make will ultimately alter your life forever. Whether you chose to bask in your royalty given to you by lineage or whether you chose to create your own legacy is all in your hands. How will you ever know how far you can go if you never start? What's stopping you from starting? The road less traveled will be plagued with opinions, doubts, ridicule, abandonment, heartbreak, and sorrow. Maybe that's what's stopping you? What if I told you that your dreams would turn out even better than you ever imagined. Would you then claim your nobility?


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